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Choosing the Perfect Washing Machine – A Buyers Guide

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Long gone are the days of washing the clothes at the river. Today we have these fully automated devices that do the entire job for us – the washing machine.

But choosing one is not that straight forward. The market offers a very wide range of options and consumers can be very puzzled by what they should be looking for in a washing machine. And given that the prices are not very low, even when you take into account available discounts, this purchase has to be carefully considered because it will have to work for us for a lot of years to come. There is nothing more frustrating than having an inadequate – or worse, broken – washing machine.

First of all, consider the space where the machine will be placed.

The dimensions of that area will determine the maximum size of the machine you can buy. Taking measurements prior to shopping is extremely important as many have found themselves having to rearrange an entire room to fit a washing machine that turned out to be too big for its designated spot.

Also, consider whether you have the height for a top washer if that is the model you prefer. A lid that hits a wall or a shelf every time it’s opened will not just cause ugly cosmetic defects but will also be extremely uncomfortable to use.

Another space-related matter is the one of lighting. If you’re placing the washing machine in the basement or a poorly-lit laundry room, you might want to get a machine that lights its most important parts itself, whereas you wouldn’t need to pay for these extras if the room is well-lit.

Last but not least, consider how close the washing machine will be to the living areas of your home. If it is in the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, for example, you should pay a little extra for a quiet model. On the other hand, if it’s in the basement, no one will care how much noise it makes.

If you have a large family that produces large quantities of laundry every week, or if you frequently wash big items like sheets and duvets, consider making extra room for a big washer if you don’t already have it. That will save you the trouble of doing laundry every day because you can’t fit it all inside.

The other factors to consider are the features of the washing machine.

If you do wash big items, keep in mind that a regular cycle will not be able to either wash or rinse the items properly so you will want a machine with long cycles.

Another reason to look for longer cycles is if your laundry is frequently quite dirty, for example due to sports activities, or because you have small children who seem to attract stains like magnets. Regular cycles will not be able to handle that – you will need presoaking features, longer washing and longer rinsing cycles. Steam cycles have also proven very effective for tough stains, but they do add quite a lot to the price – whether you want to invest in a machine with such an option will depend on your budget.

On the other hand, if your laundry is frequently rather clean and just needs to be freshened up, a quick-wash cycle is the feature you need. It does the laundry very quickly and thus saves water and electricity so it really pays off. There’s no need to waste water for a regular cycle is the items aren’t very dirty.

If you frequently wash delicate items like lace fabrics, fine lingerie, or something else, you will need a washing machine that has a hand-washing cycle. Any other program would ruin the delicates so unless you want to shop for new underwear every week, invest in a machine with this gentle cycle.

The adjustable temperature feature is extremely important. As we have clothes made from a wide range of fabrics and each one has its own temperature requirements, it is crucial to be able to adhere to those rules as to not ruin our entire wardrobe.

Finally, make sure you check the machine warranty. Most machines should have a warranty to protect you against a break down if it happens within the first 3 months to a year. Sometimes the warranty can be longer than this. If you heavily rely on your washing machine, this is a great feature as it ensures that it is replaced or repaired swiftly and at no extra cost to you.

Once you’ve gathered your requirements, shopping for a washing machine will seem much easier. All you have to do is find something that meets all the items on the list and fits your budget, and voila – you’re ready to wash.

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August 4th, 2013 at 10:49 am

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