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Expired Makeup Products – How to Recognize Them

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Makeup India- Tamanna

There are very few women out there who do not like to shop for cosmetics, and if you are reading this article, you probably have a lot of makeup in your bag. Whether you go for the full foundation-based makeup or just add a touch of mascara and lip gloss to your face, the problem with the safety of the products still remains.

Foundations and powders rarely reach their expiration dates because we usually have only one of each. When it comes to eye shadows and liners, lipsticks, lip glosses and so on, however, it is not uncommon to leave them lying around for a while and to want to use them later. But the trouble is, the expiration dates are often either on the box which you have thrown out, or on the bottom of the product where they get erased very easily. So you need some other method of determining whether a product is still safe or not.

As a general rule of thumb, check for a PAO (Period After Opening) date when you buy the product – these last much longer than the tiny print with the specific date. The PAO date is usually represented by a small jar with a number and the letter m. The number shows how many months after you have opened the product it will be usable and safe for, and the m stands for months.

Of course, that poses the question about shelf life. Does the presence of PAO mean that you can safely use a product after it has been sitting unopened for months or even years? Well, it may or it may not – this is the tricky side of it all.

Many websites provide specific information about how many months each product lasts for, but it depends on the brand, the environment where the product has been stored, the specific ingredients and so on. What you can remember as a guideline is that powdered makeup lasts much longer than cream-based. So your powder or eye shadows may in fact be usable for years, while your foundation, mascara or eye liner could be gone in mere months. Lipsticks and lip glosses may last even shorter than that.

In order to determine whether the product is still good you need to use your senses. Take a look at it – has it changed its colour in any way, is there any kind of residue build-up that you can see? Smell it – does it smell differently and not very pleasant? Touch it – has its consistency changed, is it thicker or thinner? If you answer to any of those questions with a yes, the product is definitely deserving of a meeting with the trash can.

Sometimes, however, none of the questions will be answered with a yes, but the product may still be past its prime. If you have doubts about something from your makeup bag, but are planning on using it at a party soon, you can perform a safety test. Put a little of the lipstick, eye liner or whatever else it is on the inside of your wrist or elbow (you need delicate and thin skin that is not visible) and let it sit for a whole day if possible. After you have removed it see if you are feeling itchy, or if the skin is red, or if there is any kind of irritation. If so, throw the thing and go buy yourself a new one.

Throwing away the money you have spent may not be the most pleasant thing in the world, but keep in mind that your health is what is most important. Moreover, if you develop an infection because of using bad makeup, you will have to spend even more on treating it and you won’t look your best in the meantime. Is that worth using an old shiny lip gloss?

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July 4th, 2013 at 10:46 am

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