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Google’s Gmail Filters – How to Use Them Exactly

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If they are used properly, Google’s Gmail filters can make a user’s email experience much easier. If you are a regular user you can use the filters to automatically get rid of spam; if you are a blogger, you can use the filters to automatically organize all incoming messages so your inbox doesn’t get flooded; if you are subscribed to a lot of blogs and new feeds, you can automatically label the incoming messages and read them later when you have the time. Those and many more options are available if you just know how to approach the matter. Here is a simple guide:

The first thing you need to do is click the small arrow on the right side of the search box. This will expand an advanced search menu where you can fill in your criteria. For example, if you receive a lot of annoying messages from, you can enter this email in the box, in the ‘From’ field, and create a filter with it. If you receive a lot of annoying messages from different emails, but one domain, you can use the asterisk sign to address all of them – put ‘*’ in the ‘From’ field. If many of your blog-related emails come with the same subject, you can enter that in the ‘Subject’ field. If there are specific words that interest you, you can point them out in the ‘Has the words’ field. If you are only interested in emails with attachments, all you have to do is check the ‘Has attachment’ box.

Now that you have defined your criteria, click on ‘Create filter with this search’ in the lower right corner and proceed to telling Gmail what to do with such emails. You can choose to automatically archive or delete such emails, forward them to another address, mark them as important, label them, mark them as read, star them, never send them to spam, and never mark them as important. What you decide to do depends entirely on you. After you’ve made your selection, just click ‘Create filter’ and you are done.

You don’t have to make separate filters for each email address you want Gmail to manage for you. You can create the filter for a single sender and then adjust it so that it applies to more addresses. How? Go to the gear button in the top left corner of Gmail and choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Filters’. In this window, you can edit or delete your created filters. To add an address to an existing filter click ‘edit’ and then place the new address or addresses in the ‘From’ field using OR as a separator. E.g. From: OR * OR OR can also be used while you are creating the filter for the first time.

Alternatively, you can select a message in your inbox, click the ‘More’ button and select ‘Filter messages like these’. This function will automatically open the advanced search box and add the sender’s address to the ‘From’ field so you don’t have to write it yourself.

Creating all the filters a user needs can take a long time, but the reward is well worth it. After you are finally done with the filters, you will be able to handle your email correspondence much easier and faster.

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October 4th, 2013 at 10:55 am

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