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Expired Offers At Oregon Scientific

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
PRYSMA Atomic Projection Clock Project Time and Outdoor Temperature for only $79.99

This modern clock can make time with its sleek design. It features time and temperature projection, Farenheit or Celsius reading, automated Daylight Savings Tiee, dual alarm, and LED backlight.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Professional Weather Center for only $349.99

This weather Center gives you essential weather you need at home It features a touch-panel interface, 10-weather measurements, 10-remote sensors support (maximum), onboard memory, multi-language capable, atomic clock, EL backlight, multiple-mounting options (6ft pole), low battery indicator, wireless sensors, AC adapter, and 6ft USB cable.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
BBQ - Thermometers - Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer for only $59.99

This BBQ bluetooth thermometer alerts you when your has reached optimal temperature. It features data viewing/Smart Device viewing, Android 4.3+/iOS 5 compatibility, colour-change display, sound alert, 3 modes, meat and air temperature measurement, 150ft. transmission range, dual probe support, water resistant, and touch-based screen.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and 10-Day Memory for only $79.99

This rain gauge lets you monitor rainfall data. It features an automated self-emptying rain collector, 300ft. wireless transmission (maximum), daily/10-day/total rainfall data, inches/millimetre measurements, rainfall alarm, outdoor temperature, and digital clock.

About Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific is a USA based company established in 1989, aimed at helping people improve their surroundings and lifestyles by providing smart products that make everyday life much easier. They have an amazing research and development team that works tirelessly towards creating more and more fantastic products that will let you worry less about the little things and focus on the bigger, more important moments in your life. From projection clocks to home weather stations; from air sanitizers to tension relievers; from action cams to sports watches and heart rate monitors; from baby care products to BBQ thermometers, this company's range is bound to have something perfect for you. Go to OregonScientific.com now and allow modern science into your life. Enjoy amazing quality and excellent customer service at super affordable prices. Enjoy fast deliveries and a completely secure transaction. All of that is just a couple of clicks away - check it out now!

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