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Expired Offers At Stuck on You

Ended: 2014-08-01 23:59:59
Kids Designer Name Dots at $29.95

Buy the Kids Designer Name Dots for as low as $29.95. With this product, you will get hand size labels in a variety of design and these are all printed on high quality materials that are safe to be microwaved or be place in a dishwasher. There is a laminate coating that will protect it from damage.

Ended: 2014-08-01 23:59:59
Labels on Kids Pencils at $24.95

Buy the Classic mini/ pencil labels for only $24.95. These labels are small enough to be placed on pencils or pens. They are printed on high quality vinyl with a strong adhesive back. They come in different colours and fonts that are still recognizable even if they are small.

Ended: 2014-08-01 23:59:59
Kids Designer Clothing Labels at $29.95

You can have the Kids Designer Clothing Labels for only $29.95. These are iron on clothing labels that is permanently transferred on clothes and they will not be removed when you wash them with the washing machine or the dryer. You have the choice of fonts and colours and you can preview the products on the site before ordering them.

About Stuck on You

Find beautiful and creative labels that your kids will surely be excited for at Stuck On You. Their company started in 1995 and they produce labels for kids so that their things won’t be lost even if they are in school. They provide labels that durable and they are considered as the best products in the market. Through technology, they can now create labels for your children that would include their favourite, colour, design or icon and you can design it through the use of their website stuckonyou.biz. These can also be perfect gifts to children who are going to school because they will be needing labels for all their things. They also have other gift items that you can give to kids and they have categorised these products into labels, tags, bags & lunchboxes, party, stationery, clothing, puzzles, gift ideas, food& drink, embroidery, value packs as well as Halloween products.

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